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Smiley Symbol – history and meaning

Smiley Face Symbol

Smiley Face – the iconic symbol that mediate luminous happiness. This by a simply drawn face in a perfect circle on a yellow background color.

The Smily Face Symbol appeared in the early 60's but who designed the symbol first is disputed. A first simple variant of Smiley introduced as part of an advertising campaign from New York WMCA radio station 1962. Listeners who answered "WMCA Good Guys" in their phone rewarded with a smiley design sweater. In 1963, there was then an American television program for children called “The Funny Company”, which featured a smiley face as its logo for a children's club.
That same year designed Harvey Ball, a graphic designer in Massachusetts, a simular smiley for a local insurance company.
He earned $ 45 on the job.

smily t-shirtThe Smiley symbol quickly became popular and a perfect feelgood symbol of the late 60th century, when the Vietnam War and hippykulturen hit the American masses. Smiley appliserades at all; t-shirts, mugs, earrings, key chains, bags, bracelets etc.

The classic Smiley symbol as we are used to seeing it, with two vertical oval eyes and a large upturned semi-circular mouth, first emerged in early 1970.

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