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Anarchy Symbol – meaning and history

Anarchy Symbol
The circle-A anarchy symbol is one of the most recognized political symbols. It is more modern than the classic black flag which is also a common symbol for anarchism. Circle-A can often be seen spray painted on walls and under bridges in red or black, or as a flag.

The letter "A" comes from the first letter of the word "anarchy" or "anarchism", which has the same meaning in many European languages. The letter "O" stands for order. Together they stand for "anarchy is order."

Anarchy is a philosophy or political beliefs that advocate the absence of authority, resulting in a state of chaos and disorder.
Theoretically, it would be anarchy complete freedom from political, governmental and authoritative intervention, resulting in maximum freedom and individual rights.

anarchy logoHow the Circle-A anarchy symbol was born, no one knows but there are records to show that it used in the late 1800s by the anarchists, the "Federal Council of Spain of the International Workers Association." It comes later with photos of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) applied to a military's helmet.

It was not until the 60th century when two French anarchist youth groups began to use the Anarchy Symbol as it became known, first in France and then throughout the world. First, "Jeunesse Libertaire" in 1964 and later "Circolo Sacco e Vanzetti" in 1968.

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